Park Guide: Wild Pacific Trail

If you’ve been to Ucluelet, you’ve likely been directed to check out the Wild Pacific Trail. More specifically, you’ve probably been given information about the Lighthouse Loop and been told that no trip to Ukee is complete without a visit there. While that advice is not wrong and the Lighthouse Loop is absolutely fabulous, the Wild Pacific Trail stretches far beyond that section and also encompasses The Artists Loop, The Ancient Cedars Loop, and the Rocky Bluffs trail. There are 8km of trails to explore where you find countless lookouts with stunning views and see relentless waves crashing into the coast all around you!   Continue reading “Park Guide: Wild Pacific Trail”

Park Guide: Nile Creek

While travelling up or down the inland highway between Horne Lake and Bowser, you drive over Nile Creek. It’s a nondescript overpass without much of a view but, if you are like me, you notice this spot because there is always a bunch of random cars parked on the side. From the highway, there is no real indication of what the car owners might be out doing or why they chose that particular spot to stop. Naturally, the mystery of it all has always made me want to go!

Nile Creek overpass on Highway 19
crossing under the overpass to get to the trailhead
The “new year, new me” mantra many of us are singing right now has inspired Rina and I to stop hibernating and keep exploring. The rain, wind, frost, etc has been keeping us inside for much of the winter thus far (read: we’re making many trips to the gym right now) but when the weather cleared for a few hours this weekend, we jumped up and headed out! Since we started the blog, Nile Creek has been on our list to check out so that’s exactly where we headed.

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Try This: Close to Home, a World Away

We always feel blessed to live on such a beautiful island. On any given evening or weekend, there is an abundance of trails, beaches, and favourite spots to take in. It’s all about finding that balance between family, work, and fun and connecting with both people and nature in these moments is  usually balancing and rejuvenating.  But sometimes… You need something a little more!  When you wanna escape all of the crazy sh*t (yeah, quoting R. Kelly here), you just need to get away. Lucky for us on Vancouver Island and the Gulfs Islands, there are an abundance of amazing resorts, cabins, campsites, and Airbnbs to take you a world away and still be close to home.

Cox Bay Beach Resort, Tofino

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Park Guide: Paradise Meadows (Strathcona Provincial Park)

In the winter, I spend a lot of time snowshoeing at Mount Washington Alpine Resort in Strathcona Provincial Park.  I go almost every weekend to walk around the trails, always marveling at the scenery and the quietness of the surroundings.  It’s one of my most favourite things to do and I look forward to when the trails open each winter so I can pull my snowshoes out of storage and get out & play in the snow!

This year though, I really wanted to go check out the park BEFORE the snow fell.  The park has beautiful boardwalks throughout, there are running creeks and small waterfalls, and wildflowers galore… I’ve just never seen any of that because it’s usually under a few feet of snow when I visit!   Continue reading “Park Guide: Paradise Meadows (Strathcona Provincial Park)”

Try This: Go on a Local Artists Studio Tour

We recently stumbled on the new and growing trend of “homemade tourism” (think everything from handmade jewelry to baked goods to pottery to microbreweries and all points in between!).  The trend is generally most visible in events like community craft fairs, school fair fundraisers, and local artisan studio tours.

Our recent trip to Malcolm Island was just a tad early for the official kick off of the First Annual Sointula Craft Tour but Robin at The Oceanfront Hotel was awesome and able to connect us with many of the artists participating in the tour.  They opened their studios early for us to preview their collections for when the upcoming tour starts in December 2018.

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The Other Islands: Malcolm Island

Just a short ferry ride away from Port McNeill is Malcolm Island. Having never been here we did some research before arriving. It was built by Finnish settlers who wanted the community to be a utopia—a place where everything is perfect. While that didn’t quite work out as planned, there is certainly a strong sense of community, neighbours helping one another, and people working together for the greater good of the island. Also, with every Gulf Island comes two things: a laid-back island feel and a totally unique culture that is simultaneously both like and unlike the other Gulf Islands.

It’s a long winding drive up to Port McNeill!
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