Enemies? Besties? Girls with rhyming names?

Who are we?  Formally, we’re Rina and Alina, so yes, our names do rhyme.  We used to be enemies… That story dates back to elementary school and back then, we described each other with a word that rhymes with “witch”.  (Apparently rhyming has long been part of our relationship.)

Today, we’re more besties than enemies and the co-creators of Get Out & Play Vancouver Island.  We’ve searched for a site that would highlight cool and unique activities on the Island but, to be honest, that search has always left us unfulfilled.  We hope to change that here!

Meet RINA, co-creator #1

I always need something to look forward to; something to get excited about.  Since I love planning and need to connect with nature, each year I  try to experience more of the island and the surrounding islands.  I see these values developing in my son as well.  In fact, his love for sticks, rocks, mud, small creatures, and running water is quite remarkable!  Beyond being outside in nature, I also know all about saving money and do not believe having an active lifestyle has to have a hefty bill attached.  There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of laying on the beach, not knowing what’s around the corner, and feeling the hot sun on my skin.

Meet ALINA, co-creator #2

I was born & raised in Nanaimo, BC and lucky enough to be rooted in my childhood home – we didn’t ever move and I never had to change schools.  I spent my summers camping and on a road trip with my family that took us around the province each year (think places like Prince Rupert, Cranbrook, and Lillooet!).  I became the “traveler” of my family early on, leaving to explore France on a school trip when I was just 13. Since then, I have come and gone from the Island many times but I always make my way back! I now own a house in Nanaimo and, while I still travel frequently, I definitely love to explore the many amazing places right here in my own backyard! Simply being outside resets me (read: it’s a good attitude adjustment!) and helps me be more grateful for all things I can experience, both near and far. I firmly believe there is always something to do… and here on Vancouver Island, those ‘somethings’ are rarely far away!