Park Guide: Moorecroft and Beachcomber Parks

Moorecroft Regional Park

Moorecroft Park used to be known as “Camp Moorecroft” and was purchased by the Regional District of Nanaimo in 2011. There are future plans to expand the amenities in the park such as adding picnic shelters and play areas, as well as removing some older buildings. Bring along a picnic, a pair of comfy shoes and a bike and you’ll be set to enjoy the features of the park!

Turn at “the gas station” (aka. PetroCanada) in Nanoose and follow Northwest Bay Road for a while before turning right onto Stewart Road to find Moorecroft Regional Park. It’s a great park for the family with wide trails, a meadow for games, and a beautiful bay for swimming and splashing.  As you come into the park, there is a large parking lot and a couple of pit toilets at the start of the trail.  All the trails loop back to here, so it’s pretty easy to find your way around.

It has just over two kilometres of well maintained wide trails, perfect for a stroll or for a bike ride. You’ll pass some spectacular blue-green water that’ll draw you in. You have to stop and stare at the water. Well, you don’t HAVE to, but you will.

The picnic tables in the park here have the most incredible views. The table on Cook’s Point is my favourite. Walk, run, or dance up the stairs to this private table overlooking Second Bay (which is the first bay you’ll see– ironic). Is picnicking a thing? It should be! Bring a gingham tablecloth and wicker basket with artisan cheese, crackers, and grapes for the full effect.

Bring your lunch!

The BC Marine Trail includes Moorecroft Park as part of the Salish Sea route. The BC Marine Trail is a paddling and small boat trail designed to guide boaters along the BC Coast. From Moorecroft Park boaters can head to Lasqueti Island towards the mainland.

Each park we visit always has its own unique attraction and special energy. For me, it’s the colorful water and the variety of the landscape of Moorecroft Park that made it enticing.  It’s a great park to spend some time at, be it a whole afternoon or just an hour or so before you zip off to the next park or activity.

Beachcomber Regional Park

This little park is a true gem and, if you are like us, you’ll love everything about Beachcomber Regional Park! In fact, even the drive to the park is pleasant. You’ll pass many beautiful homes on the long windy drive first down Northwest Bay Road then down Claudet Road. The signs leading you to Beachcomber Park are easy to follow and there is parking along the road by the trail head. There is a pit toilet near the parking lot. Like always, pack out what you pack in.

The trails are short and there are a few pebbly beaches to discover at this park.  We were there when the tide was quite high so that there are still many areas to explore here at low tide! One calm bay was enjoyed by a few families swimming and paddling. The water gets deep quickly here when the tide is in. It also looks like a great place to bring a floatie.

Continue walking along the rocks and the water gets a little rougher. On a sunny day when the water and the sky are both beautiful shades of bright blue, you fall in love with the island all over again!  Beachcomber Regional Park is rather peaceful and Alina and I spent a lot of time taking pictures. It was just so beautiful!! For all the photos we snapped though, none quite capture the feeling of being at the ocean and experiencing the energy only a beautiful day outside can provide.

Dishes and laundry can wait. Take advantage of beautiful days and spend time outside! Go to a park you haven’t been to… Connect with nature… Listen to the waves roll in… Watch the wind move the treetops back and forth. We promise you won’t regret it.

Discovering Beachcomber Park was a great surprise for both of us and we’ll be back at low tide soon enough.  Time at the two parks made for a great adventure and, if you want to stay in Nanoose just a bit longer, head to the Rockinghorse Pub. It’s one of our favourites.

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