Top 10 List: Best Island Pubs

It’s Top 10 Tuesday again, one of our favourite days of the week!  If you missed last week’s list, find it here: 

This week, we’re listing the Island’s Best Pubs!  Where do you go to eat, drink, and enjoy?  With this list, we’ve thought of some of our favs and hope to give you some new ideas of places to go check out!

  1. Crow & Gate, Yellowpoint, BC
  2. Fernwood Inn, Victoria, BC
  3. Craig Street Brew Pub, Duncan, BC
  4. Riptide Marine Pub, Campbell River, BC
  5. Longwood Brew Pub, Nanaimo, BC
  6. Canoe Brew Pub, Victoria, BC
  7. Jake’s at the Lake, Lake Cowichan, BC
  8. 17 Mile House Pub, Sooke, BC
  9. Heriot Bay Inn & Pub, Quadra Island, BC
  10. Rocking Horse Pub, Nanoose, BC

In their own unique ways, these pubs offer a great atmosphere, delicious food, and fun & varied drink options, including their own brews on tap!  To learn more about why this is our Top 10 list, read on below!

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Try this: Celebrate your birthday with a private tasting at a local brewery

Who says birthday parties are just for kids?  Not me! In fact, I still have a few annual birthday rituals and having a party is one that hasn’t changed since I was a kid!

While the type of party has certainly changed and the beverage of choice has shifted from Orange Crush or Rootbeer to something more “adult” (read: generally containing alcohol), I still honour some of the birthday traditions I started as a kid.  For instance, I almost always take the day off.  These days, a free day to sleep in, move at a leisurely pace, and not worry about the office is a pretty wonderful gift to give yourself! Continue reading “Try this: Celebrate your birthday with a private tasting at a local brewery”