Park Guide: Englishman River Falls

If you head a little ways north of Nanaimo, you find the Oceanside area of the Island.  The area includes the communities of Parksville, Qualicum, Coombs, and Errington, as well as a few more unincorporated communities.  Because of their close proximity to each other, you can usually visit a few spots in and around the communities on one trip here.

On a sunny March day, I headed out to grab a coffee in Parksville, visit Englishman River Falls in Errington, and enjoy dinner in Qualicum.  In the Oceanside area, I have a favourite thing to do in most of the communities (be it a market,  a beach, or a little brewery!) but I just haven’t spent much time in Errington to know much about it.  Exploring Englishman River Falls gave me the perfect opportunity to get out and play in this particular community! Continue reading “Park Guide: Englishman River Falls”

The Other Islands: Salt Spring Island

There are 3 of us that celebrate our birthdays each year by gifting each other a birthday adventure instead of a birthday present.  The idea has given us a great reason to get creative and find new things to explore and do right here on Vancouver Island.  There have been food tours, winery tours, spa trips, and boat trips, to name a few, but some of the most fun trips have been when we go to explore an “other island”.

How the adventures work is that 2 of us gift the birthday girl an adventure.  Once a date is decided, the 2 gifters make a plan that is almost always kept secret from the birthday girl and off we all go!  More often than not, we are doing something totally new for all of us and we’ve relied on the internet to find some cool places or things to do.  This is never truer than when we go on an adventure to one of the surrounding gulf islands on the outskirts of Vancouver Island. Continue reading “The Other Islands: Salt Spring Island”

Park Guide: Maffeo-Sutton Park

Maffeo-Sutton Park is our beloved waterfront park in Nanaimo, BC and is one of the most popular parks our little city has to offer! I work close by and spend more lunches than not wandering the paths, admiring the views, and getting my steps in!

maffeo sutton park in nanaimo swy a lana lagoon

Continue reading “Park Guide: Maffeo-Sutton Park”

Park Guide: Bright Angel Park

Two people walking at Bright Angel Park in Duncan, provincial park on Vancouver Island
Ready to explore!

It’s February but you’d never know it from the weather today!  It was all sunshine, blue skies, and spring flowers today; one of those perfect days where you fall in love with where you live all over again and get tricked into thinking winter is over at the same time! Continue reading “Park Guide: Bright Angel Park”

Day Trip: Girl’s Day Spa Trip

As a girl who has hopes and dreams, I had a dream to experience a day where I drop my son off at school, do some yoga, go for lunch, have my nails done, and do some shopping. I approached my friend in Victoria to help me fulfill this dream. We created the first semi-annual “Girl’s Day” and did exactly those things.  As a working mom I wanted to experience a day of leisure. What’s it like to not drop your kid off at before school care, rip to work, and pick him up nine hours later? I dream of moms who don’t work outside the home having this life of leisure that I wanted to experience! Continue reading “Day Trip: Girl’s Day Spa Trip”

Try this: Celebrate your birthday with a private tasting at a local brewery

Who says birthday parties are just for kids?  Not me! In fact, I still have a few annual birthday rituals and having a party is one that hasn’t changed since I was a kid!

While the type of party has certainly changed and the beverage of choice has shifted from Orange Crush or Rootbeer to something more “adult” (read: generally containing alcohol), I still honour some of the birthday traditions I started as a kid.  For instance, I almost always take the day off.  These days, a free day to sleep in, move at a leisurely pace, and not worry about the office is a pretty wonderful gift to give yourself! Continue reading “Try this: Celebrate your birthday with a private tasting at a local brewery”