Park Guide: Cable Bay Trail & Joan Point Park

Five reasons I love Cable Bay & Joan Point Park:

  1. Dogs. It’s an off leash dog trail and dogs are the happiest when they’re free to walk on a trail with their humans.
  2. It’s one of those special double-whammy forest AND ocean experiences.
  3. You can easily spend a few hours meandering.
  4. There little treasures to find along the way.
  5. The water rushing through Dodd Narrows
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Cable Bay has been one of my favourite trails for many years. Back when my dog was around, I took her here often. One of my favourite memories was her running and leaping into the water. Or running ahead to hide behind a large tree and jump out to surprise her dog friends. She was a character! Every dog I’ve encountered here is equally smitten with its freedom to run and play. Continue reading “Park Guide: Cable Bay Trail & Joan Point Park”