Park Guide: Arbutus Trails and the Whimsical Forest

In the heart of Qualicum, we found a Whimsical Forest, full of toys, creatures, signs, and odd ball items that made a walk through the forest more entertaining than ever!  When you think of Qualicum, I think we all picture the beautiful beach but if you head up from the beach, you’ll find Ravensong, a community centre with a skate park, ball field, pool and BMX track.  We were here in search of the Whimsical Forest, something that when described sounds a bit like an urban myth!

True to its name, the Whimsical Forest was a little difficult to find at first.  We discovered a trail entrance in the right area and assumed we were on the right path, but we later discovered we mistakenly walked through the Arbutus Trails on our search for whimsy. We asked every person we passed about the forest creatures but no one knew what we were talking about. At first it almost seemed like it didn’t exist, adding more mystery to the experience.

The Arbutus Trails  

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