Park Guide: Wild Pacific Trail

If you’ve been to Ucluelet, you’ve likely been directed to check out the Wild Pacific Trail. More specifically, you’ve probably been given information about the Lighthouse Loop and been told that no trip to Ukee is complete without a visit there. While that advice is not wrong and the Lighthouse Loop is absolutely fabulous, the Wild Pacific Trail stretches far beyond that section and also encompasses The Artists Loop, The Ancient Cedars Loop, and the Rocky Bluffs trail. There are 8km of trails to explore where you find countless lookouts with stunning views and see relentless waves crashing into the coast all around you!   Continue reading “Park Guide: Wild Pacific Trail”

Day Trip: West Coast Kid Adventure

Just in time for spring break, here’s a post for all the families out there!  Last year, my nephew asked me to take him to Tofino and Ucluelet so he could see it for himself for the first time.  Any reason is a good reason to go to the West Coast in my books, but going with someone who hasn’t been there yet is a special kind of trip!  I couldn’t wait to see show him the magic of the West Coast and experience it for the first time again through his eyes.

We planned it as a day trip, so I made sure he knew it would be an early morning and we’d be driving a lot.  Leaving from Nanaimo, it’s about a 2.5-3 hour to the junction where it’s a left turn to Ucluelet and a right turn to Tofino. Continue reading “Day Trip: West Coast Kid Adventure”